Dr. Mel Currie serves as a Cybersecure Growth Coach to the Peake Fellowship based on his unique background of innovation locally, nationally, and internationally. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he witnessed the powerful impact when a community engages and supports its sparks of creativity. Dr. went on to serve as president of his local community association near Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Currie began his career as an economic analyst with Gulf Oil before teaching high school and college math in Düsseldorf, Germany, Auburn University, and University of Richmond. He went on to serve in various roles at the National Security Agency (NSA) including Chief of the Cryptographic Research and Design Division. Dr. Currie was elevated to Defense Intelligence Senior Level and received the NSA Director’s Distinguished Service Medal prior to retirement.

Dr. Currie received a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Yale University and an MS and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. His published works include a popular math book, Mathematics: Rhyme and Reason, and a novel, Just Before Too Late.