Fellows, staff, and clients at pie-tasting contest with Provost of Cambridge College, Dr. Elwood Robinson


Cybersecure Growth Coaches

Peake Fellowship Development Team Leaders

Training Co-Chairs

Peake Fellowship Development Team Members

Evan Malone, PhD, Peake Fellowship Development Team Founding Partner
John Malone, PhD, Peake Fellowship Development Team Founding Partner
Amy Sauber, Peake Fellowship Development Team & Senior Applied Learning Designer
Gary Clairmont, Technology Architecture Lead
Jameson Williams, Developer
Yoeun Peang, UX Designer
Alissa Onigman, Financials Control Lead
Ted Rybeck, Ecosystem Collaboration Lead
Paul Horn, PhD, Higher Ed Liaison
Harvard Business School Professor & former Carnegie Mellon Business School Dean Robert Kaplan, Scorecarding & Cost Management Strategy Lead
Harvard Business School’s Allison Mnookin, Industry-specific Best Practices Lead
President Emeritus Len Schlesinger, Business Metrics Strategy Lead
Professor David Cooperrider, Strength-based innovation Lead
Mark Coblitz, Roll-out Strategy Lead
Mark Bezos, Outreach Strategy Lead
Don Bulens, Web Services Strategy Lead
Perry Cohen, Experiential Learning/Supply Chain Strategy Lead
Pamela Passman, Risk Management Best Practices Lead
David Sandberg, Small Business Community Engagement Lead