Perry Cohen

Perry Cohen Experiential Learning/Supply Chain Strategy Lead

Perry has helped to launch the Mary S. Peake Fellowship over several years. Perry’s experience includes a range of field management roles for C&S Wholesale Grocers, the largest grocery wholesaler in the United States with approximately $30 billion in annual revenue and supporting over 14,000 grocers. His roles at C&S have included Director of Community Relations, Vice President of Regional Operations, Vice President of Leadership Development and Education, and a board member representing the fourth generation of his family leadership of C&S. In addition to Perry’s C&S skills, he is a certified first responder and leader of Venture Out, a national leader in LGBTQ outdoor education. The combination of Perry’s background in grocery distribution, elearning, and disaster response reinforces the effectiveness of upskilling on cybersecure growth as part of strengthening each Anchor Community served.